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Juan Manuel Berrocal

Software & Web Developer

Independent Contractor

Ruby on Rails full-stack developer with a strong focus on UI and efficiency, based off my engineering background. Experienced in the development of database management systems, and web applications from conception to implementation, as well as working in fast paced environments with multiple projects and deadlines. Self-motivated & passionate to tackle new challenges, as a leader or member of a team, as well as individually. Looking forward to being part of a global team, & further develop my skills as a software developer.
I was born in Costa Rica & grew up in Ecuador; I studied in an American/International school from Kindergarten up to 12th grade. I participated in Habitat for Humanity & a Humanitarian Aide Group with my school, & was part of the varsity soccer & volleyball team. At Northeastern I kept my passion for sports, & grew interested in Formula 1, snowboarding, and golfing.

Senior Software Engineer SchoolMint

April 2018 San Jose, Costa Rica

Lead developer for Special Projects team, taking part in requirement analysis ranging from feature estimation to RFP technical review.

Developed new bots and API to streamline workflows of internal and external customers and reduce their dependency on the development team.

Pushed code standards to promote unity within areas of the code base. Introduced code generators/templates to allow developers to quickly build new functionality while maintaining expected code structure and syntax used throughout the project.

Restructure code base wiki documentation to ensure easier readability and flow of pages to improve on boarding.

Software Engineer SchoolMint

Dec 2016 - April 2018 San Jose, Costa Rica

Developer for Chicago special projects implementation for phase 1 and phase 2. In charge of developing and implementing generic functionality for specific project requirements; including customizable school eligibility criteria and daily SFTP importers.

Provide techincal support and take part of technical discussions directly with Chicago special projects customer.

Part of rotating "SWAT Team" focused on anaylzing and fixing production bugs.

In charge of several onboarding and brownbag presentations to teach existing and new functionality to team members.

Software and Web Developer Independent Contractor

Oct 2015 - Dec 2016 San Jose, Costa Rica

Continued involvement with LabCentrix, LLC and the stemTrak project:

  • Worked on overall system performance upgrades ranging from cache implementations to adoption of a new framework (Kendo UI)
  • Developed engine specific components to provide greater configurability and usability of core functionality for clinical and laboratory users
  • Configured workflows and forms based on the requirements analysis carried out for phase 3 implementation
  • Helped with the deployment of testing environments (Linux) for User Acceptance Testing
  • Provided support for live implementation of stemTrak
  • Contributed in establishing company-wide procedures to help streamline development cycles using Jira and Stash

Worked on several personal projects to learn Angular JS, Ember JS, and Knockout JS.

Worked through tutorial courses to learn C#.

Technical Lead LabCentrix LLC

Nov 2014 - Oct 2015 Cambridge, MA

Technical Lead for first major stemTrak project implementation; co-leading a team of 3 to meet all necessary deadlines and requirements. Involved in project's requirements analysis as well as document analysis to determine necessary goals for a successful implementation.

Helped design stemTrak's core structure and database schema (front-end and back-end architecture), as well as the project specific schema and custom user configurations.

In charge of developing and implementing sections of stemTrak's main core functionality, as well as developing and coordinating separate engine mountable functionality in a team of 5.

Carry out code reviews of new and existing functionality, and provide internal coding standards and templates to be used for future projects to increase productivity and reduce divergences in code between the project modules.

Programmer/Technical Analyst LabCentrix LLC

May 2013 - Oct 2014 Cambridge, MA

Lead developer of stemTrak, a multi-module Ruby on Rails data management system, and currently managing a team of 2 – 4 people throughout the development of alpha and beta phases of the project.

Designed and developed the main layout and UI features for stemTrak through various iterations. Created a distinct user experience for stemTrak using appealing and intuitive JavaScript and CSS, while maintaining basic principles of user interface design.

Responsible for implementing the multi-module structure of stemTrak, as well as creating, developing, and testing, multiple of the Ruby on Rails engines; including a cross-engine notification engine, an administrative engine, and a custom form-builder engine.

Assisted in determining requirements for various demo phases, and was in charge of implementing the necessary changes to the stemTrak system and its SQL database structure.

Required to maintain, update, and test a prototype instance of stemTrak in a separate server used for demo purposes.

Responsible for various internal projects, including the development of PHP scripts to integrate and connect our project server with a cloud server and office time sheets, and assisting in the deployment of a cloud storage for personal in-office use, as well as a service for data sharing with customers.

Trainee Grupasa

Aug 2011 Guayaquil, Ecuador

Mechanical Engineer Co-Op CertainTeed Corporation

Jan 2010 - June 2010 Norwood, MA

Intern Sertceban S.A.

June 2008 Machala, Ecuador
  • Programming
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • AngularJS
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • C#
  • C++
  • Arduino
  • Database
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Source Control
  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Deployment
  • Heroku
  • Linux (Local)
  • Software
  • RubyMine
  • Visual Studio
  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • MATLAB w/ Simulink
  • LabView
  • MiniTab
  • MS Office
  • Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Technical
  • Lathe Machine
  • CNC Mill
  • Experimental Setup

BS Mechanical Engineering Northeastern University

2008 - 2013 Boston, MA

Mechanical Engineering Design, Mechanical Engineering Computation & Design, Dynamics & Vibrations with Lab, Mechanics of Materials with Lab, Thermal Systems Analysis & Design, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, System Analysis & Control, Measurement Systems with Thermal Science Applications, Electrical Engineering with Lab, Introduction to Material Science with Lab, Engineering Mechanics & Design

BS Industrial Engineering Northeastern University

2008 - 2013 Boston, MA

Manufacturing Systems & Techniques with Lab, Digital Simulation Techniques, Quality Assurance, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Stochastic Modeling, Operations Research, Engineering Economy, Human Machine Systems, Engineering Database, Computer & Information Systems, Engineering Probability & Statistics, Introduction to Industrial Engineering

Highschool Diploma Inter American Academy

2008 Guayaquil, Ecuador


Last Updated: 07/04/2018


SchoolMint is a mobile and cloud-based student enrollment and school choice platform that is used by thousands of PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools.
The project is a Ruby on Rails application

The SchoolMint project is property of the company SchoolMint, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA and San Jose Costa Rica.
You can visit to learn more about the project and company.

stemTrak provides configurable, web-based, data management software solutions that enable Stem Cell Transplant Programs and Cord Blood Centers to optimize their processes and centralize their data while eliminating errors, variance, and duplicative data entry.
The project was developed as a multi-module application on Ruby on Rails, which offers users a dynamic and intuitive user interface,as well as providing easily customizable solutions for a growing industry.

stemTrak is property of LabCentrix, LLC.
You can visit to learn more about the project.
You can visit to learn more about the company.

The Colecta 2014 website is used so people can learn more about Techo and its Colecta, as well as serve as a registration portal to this year's Colecta.
Contributed with design modifications to achieve a more user-friendly website, and updated the layout code and styling to achieve a better display on mobile devices.

To learn more about Colecta 2014, visit
To learn more about Techo, visit

Created the main database of the Youth to Youth Program at the Catholic Charities Laboure Center. This facility offers tutoring and counseling services for children from low-income families.
The database included student enrollment, tutor enrollment, staff contact information, parents information and attendance records. It also supported student's grading and school information, as well as surveys and evaluations for parents, students, tutors, staff members and teachers.

This project was done as part of the course work for Northeastern's Engineering Database Systems (IE 3425), and was completed with the help of Eugenia Velasquez.
More details on the course can be viewed from Northeastern's Course Catalog.

Created a website for a dentist office located in Hialeah, Florida to increase their online presence. The site allows guests to view contact information, schedule appointments, and view promotions.
Developed from ground up using MySQL, PHP, and Angular, the page was designed as a single page application with responsive web concepts.

Click here to view a the website.

The website was originally created to be part of project who's concept was to enable easy and customizable webpages for multiple offices to be hosted under one codebase and domain. The source code can be viewed in Github.

wkndr is a social media application focused on connecting people with an interest for the outdoors. wkndr provides a place where friends can gather, plan, and share their experiences.

Devise was used to handle user sign-ups, log-ins, and authentication. Devise was also configured to work with OAuth to allow Facebook log-ins.
CarrierWave and MiniMagick are used to handle user avatars and are configured to store the images in an Amazon S3 server using Fog.

The application is hosted on Heroku, deployed with the following buildpacks: ImageMagick, NodeJS, Ruby. It's also configured to work with Heroku's PostgreSQL (database) and SendGrid (mailer) add-ons.

This is a personal project to learn more about creating a Ruby on Rails application with an AngularJS front-end, and is currently being developed.
The application can be accessed through here, and the codebase is available in Github.

Built a fan site for the Costa Rican television show Graderia Popular using AngularJS.
The main focus was to create a page where all the information about the current episode could be quickly found. This includes having a live twitter feed, as well as a display of prizes and winners from the episode. The website also consist of "theater" to view prior episodes, all easily accessible from one page, as well as a contact page using Angular's form validation to save data into a SQL database and send out emails.

This was a personal project to learn more about AngularJS and single page applications.
The current website can be accessed through
This website is no longer being maintained and/or updated!

Created a website for a professional actress to showcase her professional work, as well as her personal background.
Developed from ground up, with a dynamic display, responsive to window size, and PHP mailing.

Click here to view a mockup of the portfolio.

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